Cloth Diaper Deep Cleaning Service

$ 45.00

Got Stinky Diapers??

 We'll take care of that for you.  Hard water, diaper creams and detergent can cause build-up over time causing your diapers to smell or worse yet...your baby to get a rash.  We'll take your diapers through a multi-step process to get them in good working condition again.  

This service includes:

  • pH test and Wick testing at the beginning and the end of the process.
  • laundering of personal cloth diapers and inserts 
  • free pick-up and delivery if you are within our diaper service area (please contact us for further information on our service if you are outside our service area 315-216-4622)
  • a recommendations for future care of your diapers.

Rates (for number of diapers we will be cleaned):

1-35 diapers =$45.00 + $5 for each additional 6 diapers


**loaner diapers (you will wash yourself while we have yours) and supplies may be provided at an additional charge of $10 while we are processing your diapers so you can continue to cloth diaper (this includes 24 prefold diapers, 4 covers, 1 wetbag and 1 Snappi).

Please note:  We will process all diapers as recommended by the manufacturer.  Mother Earth Baby shall not be held responsible for any loss or damage caused to a customer's personal property during the performance of this service.  All efforts will be made in order to prevent the loss and damage of any kind.