Terms and Conditions

 By signing up for our cloth diaper service, you agree to the following:


There is 4 week minimum purchase for all Diaper Service Packages plus a one-time starter up/registration fee required for all new applications.  This payment is due in full before the first delivery. The initial 4 week service, set-up fee along with any prepaid diaper rental service are non-transferable and non-refundable.  

After the initial 4 weeks, ongoing service is charged on a 4 or 12 week basis with a credit card on file.  ACH weekly withdrawals are also an option.  Please ask us for details.  Charges will be applied to your diaper service subscription until a cancellation request has been made.  Two weeks notice is needed to discontinue automatic billing.  We ask for a credit card to be kept on file for incidentals and for ongoing service.  If you do not wish to provide a card, you may provide a $200 security deposit deposit instead that will be returned to you after the termination of services pending the return of all the rental property.  All diaper rental diaper service subscriptions are based on a weekly charge and is ongoing until service is canceled.  



Before you receive your initial delivery and diaper service supplies we must finalize payment and obtain a credit card to be kept on file for the rental.  Once we finalize diaper service payment, we will schedule your first delivery.  If you require a special delivery not on your delivery day we reserve the right to charge a special delivery fee which is dependent on your location.  We provide a 3 week grace period after you take possession of the diapers where you will not be charged.  If it goes beyond the 3 week grace period without you telling us your first use date we will charge you a fee of $10.00 per week until you tell us your first use date and we get you on the schedule.  If you wish to hold service for longer than 3 weeks, please call us to retrieve all of the items we provided.  We will then place you on an extended hold.  We can reissue your diapers on a later date (this process will amount to a week of service). Please note, if we do not hear from you to start service, we will start deducting pre-paid weeks of service once your grace period has ended while the diapers are in your possession.  We will call to retrieve the items and if unsuccessful will charge your card for the retail value of the items in your home.


Please contact us to let us know your first use date. It is important to let us know as soon as you start using that way we can get you on the delivery schedule right away so you don’t run out of diapers.  Your service is rotation based so you will only get back what you give us in dirty.  You will receive a full set of diapers on your first delivery and another full set the second delivery which completes the total number of diapers in your rotation.  If you have clean diapers at home the day before your delivery day, keep them at home. Only give us dirty diapers. If you need more diapers, please contact us 48 business hours before your scheduled delivery day.  If you require more than the standard order, we will supply you an additional amount of diapers (up to 20) for no additional fee.  Additional sets of 10 diapers will be charged weekly at an additional $1 per week.   


We deliver your diapers in a loaned plastic tote along with a clean loaned wet bag. Pull the wet bag out and line your diaper pail with the wet bag.  If your baby is exclusively bottle or breastfed, there is no need to rinse or wash the diapers. Just throw your diapers into the wet bag. Once your baby begins to eat solids or stools become a bit more formed, if the stool easily comes off it is suggested to simply toss in the toilet.  This will help to reduce the odor in the diaper pail throughout the week and decrease the stains on your set of diapers as well.  


You may request changes in your service at any time. This includes needing extra diapers, changes in size, anything needed added to your delivery, etc.  Simply call Mother Earth Baby by Wednesday of each week to make any changes for the next week.  


Are you finding that your baby's current diaper is not fitting as well as it did before?  Or is the diaper fully saturated when you change your baby every 2-3 hours?  It may be time to switch up to the next size diaper.  To request a diaper size change, simply notify us by text to the number provided at sign up or call our shop at 315-216-4622 to request your changes.  We need at least 3 business days to make any changes.  If there is not enough time to make the change, the changes will take place the next week.  



Mother Earth Baby, LLC makes every effort to conserve resources while also meeting customers’ needs. Therefore, delivery days and times are subject to change.  The plastic bin we initially deliver with your first set of diapers doubles as a clean container for us to place your clean diapers in.  On delivery day, tie up your reusable pail liner with the dirty diapers and place on top of your empty storage bin.  We will then take the dirties and place the clean inside the bin so they are safe from the elements until you are able to bring them in.  If you have extra items such as covers your are turning in or extra diapers from a size up, place all of these items inside the bin in a labeled bag for us to retrieve.  

On your scheduled delivery day, put your dirties outside and we will swap them out.  You will receive the same number of diapers for week 1 and 2 as outlined in your order request and every week thereafter your delivery of diapers/wipes will be equal to the number of dirty diapers/wipes picked up on the previous week.

It is VERY IMPORTANT to keep your diapers out of direct sunlight and protected from bugs especially in the hot summer months.  This will cause unpleasant things to grow and may damage the diapers.  There is a $3 charge per damaged diaper.



If you forget to leave your diapers out for pick up, we will still leave a clean bag at your home.  The following week we will pick up 2 weeks of soiled diapers and provide loaners if needed.  If the soiled diapers are not left out the 2nd week in a row, the driver will not leave clean diapers,
and a $20 charge will be assessed.  You are always welcome to drop off soiled diapers at our shop at 145 West Bridge Street in Oswego.  


If you are leaving on vacation, please contact us at least one week in advance to discuss available options.  

#1 - If you’d like to take cloth with you, we will make sure you have extra diapers and wipes if you use them, to get you through while you are away.  We will calculate the amount needed and add them prior to your vacation and remove them once they are returned and washed.  We will also plan to pick your dirties up from a secure location if you are not home so they are not sitting while you are away.  
#2 - If you don't wish to take cloth, we would like to offer the option of adding any disposable option for a discount to be delivered with your weekly delivery.  
#3 - If you'd like to take a small amount of cloth with you and launder yourself, we will provide you with washing instructions while you are away.  
Your regular weekly service charge will remain in effect.  
There are no credits or holds for vacation weeks.  Service only ends when all diapers and supplies are turned back in.  


Mother Earth Baby, LLC rental diapers are to be used on human babies only. Diapers found being used for other non-baby related uses will be considered damaged and removed from service. If a diaper needs to be removed from service due to damage, you will be charged for the replacement of damaged items at retail pricing (replacement fee for lost or damaged prefold diapers is $3.00 per diaper). Certain medications and many commercial creams, containing Cod liver oil and high amounts of zinc oxide and petroleum, can cause staining and absorbency issues. It is very important NOT to expose your diapers to Desitin or other rash creams unsafe for cloth diapers. These products will cause damage to your diapers and will be subject to a replacement charge for any damaged diapers due to misuse. Every attempt will be made to rescue diapers harmed by these products. Please notify us if your child’s doctor has prescribed any medications or diaper rash creams. Please do not hesitate to ask if you have questions. We will be happy to counsel you on the right products to use along with your cloth diapers. If diapers need to be stripped due to diaper cream build up, Mother Earth Baby will charge you $40 for this service to keep your diapers in rotation. If your diapers are beyond repair and need to be removed from your service rotation, you will be charged $3.00 per diaper.

Additionally, do not use diapers as burp cloths or rags to clean up household messes. This will also contaminate the diapers and risk mold development in your diapers (due to the proteins in undigested food) and will be need to be taken out of your rotation. You will be charged for the replacement of any damaged diapers due to misuse. Damage constitutes using them with excessive zinc oxide, paint, grease, using as burpcloths, breast pads, household rags, and pets chewing on them.


Be assured that all diapers are completely sanitized, pH balanced and rinsed free of any residue in our 12-16 step wash process.  However, that being said, there are some stubborn stains that just don't come out.  Whether it's because you are using a certain diaper cream, from mold or not rinsing the diapers, some stains just won't come out.  We will keep these diapers in your rotation, however may pull some from time to time to give an extra treatment to in order to get out the stains before returning them back into your rotation.  In our stain-fighting efforts, we ask for your assistance avoiding the biggest staining culprits (see the section above on Proper Diaper Use).


If the diapers are lost/stolen while in your possession, you will be charged to replace the diapers and other items.  We will agree to a new secure location to deliver the diapers.  Upon cancellation, if any diapers are not returned you will be charged the full retail price per diaper that is not returned.  Any diapers that are compromised (mold, ripped/damaged, and any stains that are not related to diapering) will be charged as well.  To avoid compromised diapers, do not skip pickups.  If any items are missing or damaged, we will charge the following prices: PAIL-$25, PAIL LINER – $20, DIAPERS/PREFOLDS – $3 EACH, WIPES - $1 EACH, COVERS $15 EACH, STORAGE BIN $15.  


By ordering and signing up for Mother Earth Baby's Cloth Diaper Service, you understand that all items provided including the plastic bin, cloth diapers, diaper pail, cloth wipes, reusable pail liner, diaper covers, etc. are the property of Mother Earth Baby and must be returned at the completion of the service.  Any items not returned or outstanding at the time of the termination of service will be billed at full retail price to the payment information on file.  An active credit card must remain on file throughout the duration of the diaper service.  PAIL-$25, PAIL LINER – $20, DIAPERS/PREFOLDS – $3 EACH, WIPES - $1 EACH, COVERS $15 EACH, STORAGE BIN $15.  


If you are gifted a gift certificate, you are entitled to redeem the full amount for service and/or products.   Gift certificates or any credit you may have is not transferable and not refundable.  


If you wish to cancel service, please notify our shop at least 2 weeks before you wish to cancel.  You can cancel anytime after the minimum 4 weeks commitment has been met.  We will pick up the following items on the final pick up day: diaper pail, pail liner, covers, cloth diapers, cloth wipes, etc...We’ll take inventory of what is returned, and provided everything is returned, no further charges will be incurred.  If items are not returned on your final pick up, they must be dropped off at our shop within 1 week or pay a $20 fee for us to return the following week to pick up.  Any unreturned inventory will be charged to your card at retail pricing.  If you wish to keep any items, please notify us and we will charge your account.


There are no cash or credit card refunds.  All prepaid service is non refundable.  


We keep your personal information private and secure. When you make a purchase from Mother Earth Baby, you provide your name, email address, credit card information, address, phone number, and bank information. We use this information to process your order(s), to keep you updated on your purchases and to personalize your shopping experience. Our secure servers protect your information using advanced encryption techniques and firewall technology.  To keep you informed about our latest offers, we may notify you of current promotions, specials and new additions to this store. You may unsubscribe from our newsletters by following the unsubscribe instructions in any email you receive from us.


The minimum commitment to use our service is 4 weeks.  Please make sure you are ready to commit to at least 4 weeks of service before agreeing to these Terms and Conditions as there are no refunds or store credit for the prepaid diaper service.  Please keep in mind that we have factored in time, labor hours, and overall effort to setup your account and this is why the 4 weeks are non-refundable or transferable.  Thank you for your understanding and for your business!


All diapers are washed to ensure cleanliness and a quality product for your child. Mother Earth Baby, LLC welcomes and encourages any inquires about our washing process, including the products used. We also encourage open communication about your child’s allergies. Mother Earth Baby, LLC cannot be held liable for any adverse reactions that may occur as a result of using any of our products we offer. We ask that you share with us any concerns at any time so we may work with you to correct any issues. We want you to be successful in using our products and we will work with you to do that.


Mother Earth Baby, LLC reserves the right to amend this contract at any time. You agree that only this document defines the terms of our relationship, and that each of the terms and conditions can stand alone, so that if one is removed by a legal process, the others remain in force.

By signing up and paying for Mother Earth Baby's Cloth Diaper Service, you agree and understand the Terms and Conditions outlined.  I/We furthermore acknowledge:


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