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Our cloth diaper service using 100% cotton prefold diapers. Prefolds are a wonderful choice because they can be folded to provide extra absorption just where your baby needs it. Prefolds are versatile and easy to use. Your baby will love the feel of soft cotton on their bottoms. 

All Diaper Service Packages Include The Following
  1. Rental of 100% Cotton Prefold Diapers 
  2. Weekly Delivery & Pick-Up
  3. Diapers Cleaned & Sanitized
  4. Upsizing of diapers as baby grows

    Diaper Service Packages 

     Service Type
    Cost Per Week

    Basic Diaper Service

    Includes rental of all the diapers you need for one week (80 each week for newborns or 160 in rotation), weekly delivery of clean diapers, weekly removal and processing of dirty diapers $25.00
    Basic With Wipes Along with the features of the basic service, this package also includes the rental of 50 wipes for one week (100 wipes in your rotation)...additional wipes may be added in increments of 10 week/20 rotation for an additional $1.00 each week $28.00
    Basic With Covers Along with the features of the basic service, this package also the rental of 6 diaper covers in the appropriate size that you will launder yourself (free sizing up when needed) $30.00
    Premium Service Includes both cloth wipes AND diaper covers along with our basic service, providing the ultimate convenience for parents $32.00
    Polka Dot Service Polka Dot Service - Starts at $22 per week. You save by agreeing to use our polkadot diapers that are still slightly shadowed even after our stain blasting treatments. These diapers are still in excellent condition, they are just not "perfect".  Includes pickup and delivery of diapers each week plus a large reusable diaper pail bag for dirties and a plastic tote for clean diaper storage. You add on wipes, covers or both for an additional charge!

    Starts at $22 per week! 

    $25 per week with wipes

    $27 per week with covers

    $29 per week for covers and wipes


    One Time Setup Packages

    As a part of your new diaper service, a one time fee is assessed to cover the cost of start up as well as some of the essential items you will need as a part of your service. You can choose any one of the set up packages below.  The one time fee also includes diaper prep, a plastic tote for clean diaper storage and your first delivery!

    Package #1
    Package #2
    Package #3
    Rented weekly waterproof cloth pail liners-2 total in rotation Rented diaper pail, weekly waterproof cloth pail liners and 1 Snappi- Rented diaper pail, weekly waterproof cloth pail liners, one-3 pack of Snappis, cloth diaper travel wet bag, wipe solution, natural diaper balm 
    $40.00 $65.00 $105.00


    Prepay Options

    As a part of your regular billing, you have the choice of paying every four weeks at the standing pricing or receiving a discount if service is purchased in 12 week increments.

    • Standard Pricing... charged every four weeks
    • Discounted Pricing...of $1 off per week with 12 weeks of service purchased at a time (for example, for basic cloth diaper service, it would be $24 per week if you prepay for 12 weeks, a savings of $12!

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