Cloth Diaper Service - New Service Sign Up

$ 140.00

Select Your Diaper Service Package

  • Basic Cloth Diaper Service - $25 per week: Includes rental of all the diapers you need for one week (80 each week for newborns or 160 in rotation), weekly delivery of clean diapers, weekly removal and processing of dirty diapers
  • Basic Cloth Diaper Service with Wipes - $28 per week -  Along with the features of the basic service this package also includes the rental of 50 wipes for one week (100 wipes in your rotation)...additional wipes may be added in increments of 10 week/20 rotation for an additional $1.00 each week
  • Basic Cloth Diaper Service with Covers - $30 per week-  Along with the features of the basic service this package also the rental of 6 diaper covers in the appropriate size that you will launder yourself (free sizing up when needed)
  • Premium Cloth Diaper Service - $32 per week - Includes both cloth wipes AND diaper covers along with our basic service, providing the ultimate convenience for parents
  • Hybrid Cloth/Paper Service - $32 per week - Includes up to 40 prefold (40 for newborn, 30 for infant, 20 for medium or large) cloth diapers per week plus one pack Bambo Disposable Diapers (average 30 per week depending on size) or one pack GroVia BioSoakers every 2 weeks (50 per package and slip right inside your current covers).  (Covers may be added on for $1 per cover for week.  Wipes may be added on $1 for 10 per week). 

****Polkadot Diaper Service is available at a discounted rate.  Polkadot Service utilizes our cleaned and sanitized diapers that didn't come out stain free after our stain removal treatment.  Polkadot Service is a discount of $3 off per week for any any package.  

Select Your One Time Set Up Package

  • Package #1: Rented weekly waterproof cloth pail liners - 2 total in rotation - $40
  • Package #2: Rented diaper pail,  rented weekly waterproof cloth pail liners and 1 Snappi- $65
  • Package #3 Best Deal: This package will give you everything you need to make a smooth transition into cloth diapering.  It includes:  Rented diaper pail, rented weekly waterproof cloth pail liners, one-3 pack of Snappi, 3 Deodorant Discs, 1 Roll of Grovia BioLiners, 1 Pack 50 Disposable Grovia BioSoakers (can be used interchangeably with your diaper covers when on the go, Cloth Diaper Safe Cream, Cloth Wipe Concentrate Solution - $140 (tax included)

One time fee also includes diaper prep, a plastic tote for clean diaper storage and your first delivery!