South Beach Bubbles WOWmazing Space Edition

$ 17.95

The WOWmazing™ Space Kit contains everything you need to create bubbles that are big, colorful and fun:

1 set of WOWmazing™ Space Wands

2 pouches of WOWmazing™ Bubble Concentrate

8 Glow-in-the-Dark Stickers

The WOWmazing™ Space Wands were designed for children in mind; however, they will keep adults captivated as well! It is made of two lightweight colorful wands firmly connected through an absorbing braided cotton string. This new product design can help develop kids’ motor skills with engaging healthy outdoor activity.

The WOWmazing™ Bubble Concentrate is used together with the WOWmazing™ Wands. It's the secret to making our bubbles so big and last so long. A single WOWmazing™ Bubble Concentrate pouch makes at least 1 quart of WOWmazing™ big bubble solution which will generate hundreds of giant bubbles. Just add 1 pouch of WOWmazing™ Bubble Concentrate to one quart of tap water. It is that easy!

The 8 Glow-in-the-Dark Stickers will give your kids an extra incentive to go and play outside to see the magic happen!! Let your creativity go wild and place the spaced-out waterproof stickers on the bubble wands in any design you want. As you blow bubbles at night, the spaced-out stickers will glow in the dark, making the bubbles out of this world! After seeing the wand come to life, everyone will leave the gadgets behind and go outside to play, the old-fashioned way!