Playmobil Starter Pack 71257 Rescue w/ Balance Racer

$ 18.99
Rush to the rescue with the Balance Racer Starter Pack from PLAYMOBIL. An inline skater has fallen in the park and can no longer get up. Immediately the helpful paramedic comes to the rescue. Thanks to his agile balance racer, he is also fast on narrow paths. As soon as he reaches the injured person, he takes care of the first aid. Then it's off to the hospital for further examination. A great play experience for children aged 4 and up.
      The toy set includes two PLAYMOBIL figures, a balance racer, a backpack, rollerblades, wristwatch and other accessories for imaginative role play. With the various bandage labels, the injured figure can be doctored as desired. The roller skates of the female figure are removable.
        PLAYMOBIL Starter Packs take you right into the middle of the colorful PLAYMOBIL universe. The sets contain play figures and accessories for popular PLAYMOBIL worlds, are quick to assemble and ready to play straight away.