Playmobil 70962 Pirate Treasure Island w/ Boat

$ 34.99

Attention landlubbers! Get ready for huge pirate fun with the Pirate Treasure Island with Rowboat from PLAYMOBIL. Explore the island with the buccaneer and find the hidden treasure. Then it is a matter of defending the valuable find. But should anyone approach without permission, he will be greeted with shots from the cannon. A detailed pirate toy for adventurous children aged 4 and up. Product Details: The limited promo pack includes a PLAYMOBIL pirate figure, a skeleton, a skull and crossbones cat, a parrot, a baby monkey, a rowboat, a chest with gold coins, pirate hat, treasure map and other great extras for exciting pirate role play in the children's room. The treasure chest can be hidden in the skull and crossbones and covered with the rotating leaf curtain. The functional bolt cannon is mobile and is loaded with cannons from the front. There are three projectiles included in the set. Play with this promo pack alone or with friends or combine it with other sets from the PLAYMOBIL Pirates themed world.