Playmobil 1.2.3 & Disney 71317: Winnie & Tigger’s Bee Garden

$ 39.99

The bees are on the loose in Winnie's & Tigger's Bee Garden! Inserting the bee sticks into the honey pots promotes fine motor skills. To make the bees fly, just press and release the sticks. Tigger's cave is the perfect place to play hide and seek and sliding is always fun, too. Planting colourful flowers helps to improve fine motor skills as well.

Educational benefits, that support your toddler's development:
      ● Recognise and understand cause-and-effect-realtionships: How can the bee sticks be inserted? How can I make them jump out again?
        ● Train fine motor skills by moving and sliding the figures, inserting the bee sticks and planting the flowers.
          ● First role play with Winnie and Tigger: Who wants to hide in Tigger's cave? Who slides first?

    Special product features:
              ● Insert the bee sticks into the honey pots. Trigger the jumping mechanism by pressing and releasing the sticks to make them "fly off".
                ● Insert and change the flowers and bee sticks into the lawn or honey pots as you wish.