Funsparks Slam Ball

$ 39.99
The competitive rush you get from playing with the Funsparks Slam Ball Game Set is sure to hook players of all ages! Just imagine the action-packed play style of volleyball, but without the problem of setting up. Instead jump straight into the game where everyone will be spiking like a pro in no time. Hours of fun will fly by and you'll forget that it can even be a great workout. The Slam Ball set includes two competition size 9 cm balls and also one 12 cm training ball for beginners or younger players. The rules are similar to volleyball where each team has 3 hits to spike the ball into the ankle high circular net. Teams volley back and forth until a team is unable to return the ball to the net. The first team at 21 points win.
Product Specs
  • Contents: 1 Playing frame, 1 Net, 3 Balls (1 for practice or beginners (larger), 2 for competitive), 1 Travel bag, 1 Rules
  • Spare Parts Included: 1 Leg, 5 Hooks