South Beach Bubbles WOWmazing™ Bubble Concentrate Refill - pouches-pack - Just Add Water! Made in USA

$ 10.95

More Big Bubbles Are Coming Your Way!

It took years to develop a safe, non-toxic bubble solution that’s strong enough to create ginormous bubbles!


Even though we recommend it be used with our WOWmazing wands, this solution works well with bubble machines, bubble swords, bubble hoops, bubble guns, or any bubble toys!


Say goodbye to bulky, leaking plastic bottles… We use environmentally friendly pouches that have 1/10 of the environmental footprint comparing plastic bottles and less likely to leak.


If there’s any bubble mix leftover, no worries. WOWmazing bubble solution gains strength while it sits! You'll create bigger, longer-lasting bubbles the second time around.


🗽THE PRODUCT IS MADE IN THE USA! The WOWmazing Giant Bubble Concentrate is the only bubble line made in the USA (ingredients, packaging, assembly)! We focus on quality and you can trust you're getting a premium, reliable, and superior product.

 😍 UNIMAGINABLY GIANT BUBBLES: Includes a new innovative WOWmazing Bubble Concentrate pouch that will make hundreds of giant, high-flying, and long-lasting bubbles. Passers-by will be sure to say "WOW-Amazing"!

🌞 3 PACK = HOURS OF FUN: The set includes 3 pouches of bubble refill. It will make 3 quarts of Giant bubbles or 9.5 quarts (2.3 Gallons) of regular bubble solution.

✔️ JUST ADD WATER! Say goodbye to bulky, leaking plastic bottles… we use environmentally friendly pouches that consume less space and less likely to leak. The pouches will fit in your bag and once you are ready to use it, just add water!

👨‍👩‍👦OUTDOOR FAMILY FUN: A wonderful birthday activity or gift for boys & girls of all ages, parents can let kids play with the large bubble wands in the backyard, park, or beach. Teachers can use it for science classes at school.