Chewigem Dog Tags Sensory Chew

$ 21.99

The Original Chewigem Dog tags – One of the first Chewigems we ever made over a decade ago and as popular today as it was then due to its classic look and design. 

The dog tags, are super flexible and can bend over on themselves providing an exciting sensory sensation for oral seekers.

  • Popular with those who suck
  • Great for people who chew softly
  • Springy and bouncy
  • Can be doubled (placed on top of each other) to change the feel

93 % of people say Chewigem helps them feel calmer

“I got my tags in black so they really are discreet; unless I’m actively chewing on them, nobody takes any notice of the tags. Even when I am chewing on them, nobody pays much attention beyond an initial curious glance.” 

Choose from discreet neutral colors that Schools will accept to brighter patterns and colors that make more of a statement.