Choosing the Right Cloth Diaper

With all these choices...which ones do I choose?

Choosing can be the toughest part when purchasing cloth diapers. Washing/drying time, ease of changing and cost can all be contributing factors to what you ultimately will choose. If budget is an issue, prefolds with a diaper cover like Bummis or Thirsties is an awesome choice. They are adjustable, cheap and when using a Snappi, can be really easy to use. Fitted diapers can be nice as well with a diaper cover. They are pretty easy to use (no pins needed!) and can manage baby blowouts very well. As your baby gets a bit older and you become more comfortable with cloth diapering, you may wish to try a few all-in-one diapers or pocket diapers. They are easy to change and by this time you will need less diapers overall. Use a couple of inserts for overnight to help with leaking. Plus, flushable liners can be a huge help with solid waste once your baby starts eating solids.

The bottom line is that it comes down to personal preference and how the diapers fit on your baby. There is not one perfect diaper for everyone. What we found works best is to actually be able to see and feel the diapers so you can experiment with the functionality. We enjoyed having someone walk us through the pros and cons of each type of diaper and ultimately tried quite a few. Many parents have a variety of diapers in their diaper stash. Talk to other parents as well. Ask what they use and why they like it. All in all, you can't go wrong when you choose any cloth diaper for your baby. There will probably be some you like more than others, but most will work equally well most of the time. Some parents prefer to buy all of one brand and some parents like to pick from many different brands.

We would be happy to personally show you the benefits of each diaper we sell. Also, if there is a diaper or product that you would like to try and you don't see it in our store, please let us know and we will make every effort to make it available to you. Contact us for more information!

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