Rag Quality Cloth Diapers

$ 4.99

These are diapers that are retired from our cloth diaper service and still have a lot of use in them!  However, they do have minor holes, possibly frayed edges and some staining.  Rag cloth diapers are great for cleaning (especially windows), painting, arts and crafts, washing cars, mechanics, for burp clothes, messy projects and more!

Sold by the pound in varying sizes:
Newborn (9" x 11"): approx. 15 per pound
Infant (11" x 13"): approx. 7 - 8 per pound
Regular (13" x 16"): approx. 5 - 6 per pound
Toddler (15" x 19"): approx. 4 per pound

These diapers are well loved diapers and again will contain stains and possibly holes.  We can provide photos as requested.  They are all 100% cotton. They are also highly absorbent and great for many different uses.  All diapers are clean and sanitized.  

*** Please note:  We can deliver rag diapers if along our diaper service route for free.  If they need to be shipped, we will follow up with you once the order is placed for a shipping quote.