Viking Toys Ecoline Dining Set - 24pc

$ 29.99
An eco-friendly, durable, and non-toxic Dining Set made from sugar cane! A perfect choice for sustainable kid-powered play. Perfect for a picnic or role-play. Children can serve their culinary masterpieces to friends and family! Helps develop social and fine-motor skills. Four place settings, each including a plate, bowl, cup, fork, spoon, and knife. After play, wash in the dishwasher. Safe for ages 1-5.

Ecoline toys combine Viking Toy’s timeless design of durable, non-toxic toys with a sustainable, petroleum-free, plant-based material made from sugar cane. This is a toy that will last for generations without being harmful to the next.

For over 30 years, Viking Toys has specialized in designing and manufacturing the safest, most durable toys on the market. Our toys are designed to stimulate children's imagination, develop linear and narrative thinking abilities through play and storytelling, and develop coordination and motor skills. This is the foundation of our success, and it has made our toys extremely popular with kids and parents alike.

As with all Viking Toys products, you can expect the 5 S’s – STRONG, SOFT, SAFE, SILENT and SIMPLE.