Tenzi- Party Pack

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Roll them quick and roll them fast!

Not five, not seven, but TEN dice in your hand. Someone shouts "Go!" and the game is off with unprecedented speed.

Rolling all of the same number is your aim, and you have as many chances as you need to do it. The first cast reveals three 5's, you pick up the remaining seven dice and shake out two more 5's. Victory is close... it's in your hand.

Decide you don't want to go with 5's? Fine. Roll all your dice again if you feel the urge. Chance and competition shake together for fabulous family entertainment.

Tenzi is fast-paced fun that quickly draws a crowd, lucky there are six colored sets of dice to pass around.

Kids, adults, granparents, Tenzi involves everyone. Play it once and you'll play it a million times, Tenzi has a way of bringing people back to the table for another round!

TENZI Party Pack

  • A challenge game of speed, chance and fun!
  • Encourages dexterity, quick thinking, interaction
  • Simple game play, understood in an instant
  • Each player selects a different color of dice
  • Highly adaptable for many variations of play
  • Includes 6 sets of 10 colored dice and instructions
  • Sturdy plastic storage case hold all six sets of dice
  • One Tenzi game is suitable for 6 players
  • Engages people of all ages
  • Perfect for travel

    Note: Dice colors may vary from image above, all colors are equally vibrant.