Schylling Nanoblock - Great White Shark

$ 9.99

The biggest little block in the nanoverse. Build your very own Great White Shark with the smallest building blocks in the world! The great white shark is known for its size, with adult sharks growing up to 21 feet long and weighing over 7,328 pounds. The finished nanoblock Great White Shark will fit perfectly in the palm of your hand! A fairly challenging building set for beginner building block fans, the nanoblock Great White Shark building set features over 130 micro building blocks allowing you to build in greater detail. Part of the nanoblock mini+ collection-the smallest micro block measures just 4mm x 4mm x 5mm. Over 130 Pieces. Level of Difficulty: 3 (on a scale of 1-5 with 5 being the most difficult)


• The great white, one of the great predators in the sea
• nanoblocks are a micro building experience with greater challenge, sophistication and detail.
• Build models with incredible detail, astounding authenticity and unparalleled realism, results unmatched by other block-based systems
• Bricks as small as 4mm x 5mm and manufactured to the highest tolerances for a perfect fit. Make amazing 3D art that fits in the palm of your hand
• The smaller the brick the better the build
• Comes with detailed step by step instructions.