PolyM Adventure Rocket

$ 54.99


There’s work to be done! Build the bulldozer, fire truck, ambulance, police car and forestry vehicle to get the job finished! Contains instructions and all the pieces you’ll need to create the vehicles and a little garage. You can also recombine the different pieces to make your own creative vehicles and buildings. Great for developing fine motor skills and the imagination.
For ages 2-6Y

•130-piece PolyM multi-vehicle set
•Includes 10 wheel-sets, five figurines, assembly instructions, and all the pieces needed to build the bulldozer, fire engine, ambulance, police car, forestry vehicle, and garage shown on the packaging
•Comes with four sets of eye stickers and one set of emergency services and industrial stickers
•Helps children to understand the roles different services play in society
•Blocks are made from flexible material and have soft edges that are kind to children’s hands
•Pieces can be re-combined to build a wide range of vehicles and structures
•Helps to develop creativity and problem-solving skills
•Designed and manufactured in Germany
•For ages 2-6Y