GEOMAG Rainbow 32 pieces

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Stimulate developing minds and channel their creativity with this Geomag Rainbow Construction Set. Your little engineer-in-the-making can build architecturally sound structures like a bridge using panels, magnetic rods, and non-magnetic steel balls. Or, with a little imagination, they can build something more fantastical and abstract! The 32-piece magnetic construction set is a STEM toy is designed to help children of all ages develop hand/eye coordination, motor skills, problem solving, and visualization through the science of magnetic construction. Complies with all international safety standards. Suitable for ages 3 and up. Set includes 12 Purple, Dark Blue, Blue, Light Blue, Green, Lime Green, Light Green, Yellow, Red, Orange, 8 tiangle panels, 2 square panels, 1 pentagon panel.• Magnetic construction system • Promotes learning through play • Promotes creative and imaginative play • Develops fine motor skills • Engages children to think about and work with invisible forces • A STEM product that can stimulate scientific learning