Educational Insights - Plush Vegetable Garden

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The Big Idea
Sow the seeds of learning with this adorable set of pretend plush veggies! Curious kiddos harvest the colorful crop—and pick up on important early-learning skills while they play!

Psst…They’re Learning!

  • Encourage creativity, imagination and social interaction
  • Builds vocabulary

Cut to the Chase

  • Toddler play set perfect for pretend play kitchens
  • Includes 8 cute vegetables: 1 carrot, 1 pluckable pumpkin on the vine, 1 potato, 1 beet, 2 pluckable tomatoes on the vine, 2 mushrooms, and 4 rows of play soil
  • Includes sturdy cardboard crate to store veggies in
  • Parent guide includes engaging activity ideas