ChildLife Vitamin D3 Drops - 1oz

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From birth through adolescence, a minimum of 400 IU daily for your child.

Supplying your infant with the best vitamin D drops for baby, ChildLife® Vitamin D3 drops, can help. One serving of ChildLife® Vitamin D3 drops contains the AAP’s daily-recommended intake for children.

Why are Vitamin D3 drops so important?

Immune Health. Proper levels of Vitamin D can help support the body’s immune system and help to maintain a healthy functioning immune system in your child.*

Bone Health. Vitamin D, along with a healthy diet and exercise, can help the body’s natural production of cells, which are found in healthy joints and is a key nutrient for helping your child maintain proper bone health. The active form of Vitamin D, D3, can help promote the body’s absorption of calcium and phosphorus, which are incorporated into the bones and can help keep them strong and dense.*

Respiratory Health. Vitamin D can help support a healthy immune and respiratory system. (Journal Archives of Internal Medicine, 2009).*

Heart Health. Studies on the sunshine vitamin support Vitamin D’s role in a healthy heart, both in children, as they develop, and in adults.