Chewigem Hexichew Sensory Chew & Fidget

$ 21.95

The Hexichew was the first handled fidget and chew aid we developed over 6 years ago due to requests from our customers and remains a product that is always in high demand.

The Chewigem team is always led by people’s needs and this product is a direct result of that. The requests came in for longer chews to reach molars, something that could help hand strength, a robust chew, people wanted more texture and something they could use at home.

Whilst swimming with her children one day Jenny was throwing a swimming toy that sunk to the bottom of the pool for her kids to dive for. As she held this in her hand she was strictly by how comfortable it felt, this dive toy had arms and each one went between each of her fingers. It struck her how appealing this shape might be to our community and so she set about developing a product that was handheld and combined many of the other feature requests such as length, strength, and texture.

  • Great for at-home Chewing
  • Texture and nubs for additional sensory input.
  • Molar chewers delight
  • Improves Hand strength
  • Can be linked by the ball and loop

76% of People say it helps them Self regulate

“We have recently purchased a rainbow Hexichew for a 5-year-old who finds himself chewing and chomping a lot and needed something durable that he would be satisfied with. This is exactly that!”

Imagine yourself at your desk or relaxing on the sofa, the Hexichew in your hand with your fingers between each arm, your squeezing and squashy it and feeling firm feedback, you run your fingers down the arms to get the texture sensation and as the need takes you, chew on the arms, satisfying calm washes over you.