Chewigem Flip Pendant Sensory Chew

$ 21.95
Color: Green

The flip pendant is a firm favorite with fidgeters, stimmers, and chewers alike. You benefit from the glossy smooth feel and the twidability it provides. 

There is so much for you to enjoy and get from this pendant, its inner disc hangs independently of the outer ring, meaning it wings freely and you can enjoy turning it over to reveal a different color on the other side. The outer ring is super flexible making it lovely to squeeze and squish. 

  • Adjust the length to suit you
  • Loved by fidgeters and chewers
  • Squishy ring for sensory feedback
  • Glossy soothing smooth finish

Become part of the 93% of people who know Chewigem helps them feel calmer

Heading out to a party or teaming this pendant with a work outfit, you will enjoy this adaptable striking pendant that makes a statement whilst being discreet. Wear it your way by adjusting the cord length and enjoy feeling in control as you reach for your anxiety-busting pendant when needed.