Bambeado Dibly - The Dino-Sore-No-More

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Dibly the Dino-Sore-No-More is on a mission – to help little ones who are teething. He was born with some very unusual features and at first, he didn’t know what they were for. Once he discovered how to use though a smile came across his face that has never left. The knobbly parts of his back can reach the back of aching gums, the textures on his body feel nice to bite down on and his funny toothbrush can gently massage the more sensitive areas where teeth a popping through. Read all about Dibly’s adventures as he discovers all that he can do to help soothe the distressed and unhappy teething Bubbas that he meets on his travels in the free book included inside. Made from soft food-grade silicone, Dibly is the perfect texture – not too hard and not too soft, perfect for sore gums.